When science matters,

I'll show you how it's done.

Patent Mapping and Analysis

​I'll turn your technology into patents and survey the competition, fast and simple.

UV Cured Coatings

​Developing UV cured hard coats is an art and a science. I'll do what works for you.

Silicone Technology and Products

Silanes, catalysts, hard coats, scratch resistant coatings, adhesives, and more.

HPLC Bonding Expert

​Design and recipes for HPLC and SPE applications, and bonded phase chemistry.

Semiconductor CVD Silicon Purity

Can help identify and eliminate impurities affecting silane and wafer quality.


With almost 50 Patents to prove it, i'll help you Innovate.


Innovative approaches in research to create beneficial results characterize my laboratory science. Proficiency and clarity differentiate my leadership skills. As an individual contributor and builder of successful teams, my contributions consistently yield insightful fundamental understanding, marketable products and enhanced customer satisfaction.

I enjoy exploring science and technology where I can support the profit, growth and sustainability goals of my clients. I can be counted on to solve business challenges that add value to customers and my client's financial bottom line.

I embrace difficult problems as a chance to solidity old positions and find new opportunities for growth and investment.

Inventor and Innovator

Understanding Science

Discovery is important to the success of your technology business. I can help, especially if your business involves Silicon for Semiconductors, Silicone for consumer products, Silica for separations, or Coatings applications. I can even show you how to protect your vital Intellectual Property to ensure a sound financial future.

Expert in Silicon Materials technology

Dr. Anthony Revis, Scientist

Technology Consultant